The Nut Gift Basket – A Nut Lover’s Dream

Chocolate and Nut Gift Basket Delights and the Gift Fruit Basket

Nut gift basket. The great thing about gift baskets is that you can get your loved one a lot of what they love in one great presentation. A gift basket is the type of present that is always appreciated and because they always look so impressive, it’s a treat to receive. For the nut lover, there are a variety of options that will tickle their fancy. From plain nut baskets to luxury chocolate and nut gift basket delights to a nut and gift fruit basket combo, your selection is sure to touch the heart of any true nut connoisseur.

When nothing but a nut will do, a gift basket of nuts sectioned off into delicious all nut choices, like premium almonds, cashews, pistachios, mixed nuts and peanuts is a tempting choice. The basket can later be reused to refill the delectable delights at the nut lover’s whim or repurposed for a memorable keepsake.

nut gift basket

Can you find anyone that does not like chocolate? A chocolate and nut gift basket makes a sweet and salty choice that is hard to turn down. Whether you choose milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate, there is hardly a comparable taste sensation. Cashews, walnuts, pecans, macadamia or the honey roasted variety a chocolate and nut gift basket is a wonderful choice and readily available.

chocolate and nut gift basket

Another delicious taste combination that is as well received as the chocolate and nut gift basket is the nut and gift fruit basket. The combination of the intense sweetness of dried fruits and salty nuts or the honey roasted variety makes a memorable treat that is hard to beat. Dried fruits include apricots, apples, bananas, blueberries, cantaloupes, dates, figs, mango and papaya. Since the fruits are dried, there is little concern about the perishable nature of fresh fruits. But fresh is great also. Just keep in mind that time is of the essence and is a factor in the delivery. A nut and gift fruit basket is a great taste celebration for nut lovers who want just a little more.

Single nut selections, like the almond, make a tasty nut basket as well. Assorted in a beautiful reusable basket could be natural almonds, milk chocolate covered almonds, California almonds, honey roasted almonds, dark chocolate covered almonds, Jordan almonds and butter toffee almonds. This assortment is for the nut aficionado with particularized preferences.

An oldie but goodie is cookies, mixed nuts, peanuts and peanut brittle. A crazy mixture of wonderful tasty delights all wrapped up in a bow. Your nut lover will get a true taste of salty, sweet and sweet rolled into one nutty gift basket of joy. Peanut brittle not only comes with peanuts, but comes in almond and pecan varieties, too.

Another nut sensation is the custom basket of nuts. You can specify the exact nut choices your recipient prefers and add delicious taste treats like pretzels, covered or plain, yogurt covered pecans, or M&Ms, with peanuts, please.

No matter which nut lover you are choosing for, a gift basket of nuts makes the perfect choice. Whether it’s the mixed nut assortment or the chocolate and nut gift basket, the nut and gift fruit basket or the single nut combo, there just can’t be too much nuts!

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