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Those looking for the top ten Christmas gifts this season won't need to look any further. With innovative ideas and ones that are going to become huge this year, we will take a look at the top 10 gift baskets that are going to have people talking.

Since we are looking at the top 10 Christmas gifts, it is important that we focus on quality and interest rather than cost. Many times the more expensive gifts or the top selling Christmas gifts don't always make the best. Here it will be quality that really matters. Keeping that in mind, we'll list the best choices for food gift baskets.

#10 Dried Fruit Gift Baskets

While you are picking through the dried fruit baskets, you will find that many of these tend to have a similar theme. You will end up with dried tropical fruits like papaya and banana along with raisins, cherries, prunes and possibly even figs. Always a part of the top selling Christmas gifts, for the individual that loves dried fruits these baskets will make their holiday. As number 10 on the top ten Christmas gifts list, dried fruit gift baskets are a favorite, year after year.

#9 Mixed Nut Gift Baskets

Many people love nuts and when you give a gift basket that contains a number of varieties, you end up with one happy recipient. You can find baskets with shelled nuts and ones that have yet to be cracked that come complete with a fancy nutcracker. Keep that in mind as this can be one of the fun top ten Christmas gifts.

#8 Gourmet Cheese Gift Baskets

All over the world, there are some fancy cheeses to be enjoyed. From Brie to a good Bleu cheese, your options are endless. As an international delight, gourmet cheese gift baskets are always top selling Christmas gifts. Savor the flavor and give this basket to someone you love.

#7 Coffee Gift Baskets

Many people love coffee and the coffee gift basket could be a great choice. You can choose from ground or whole bean varieties that come with extras like biscotti and flavored syrups. These baskets often come with a gorgeous coffee mug that can be cherished long after the last coffee bean. This choice is always in the top 10 Christmas gifts offerings.

#6 Wine Gift Baskets

Wine is something that is poured heavily during the holidays. Every party will serve them and with that in mind, giving your host a beautiful wine basket will certainly be a welcomed surprise. In fact for some, this will be one of the best items on the top 10 Christmas gifts list.

top ten christmas gifts

Christmas gift basket ideas abound. There are so many choices. One for each of your loved ones.
#5 Meat Gift Baskets

During the holidays we see a spike the different processed meats available. From sausages to other delicacies, people certainly love to receive these delicious foods. A meat gift basket is a great idea and surely one of the best top ten Christmas gifts you can give.

#4 Gourmet Candy Gift Baskets

This basket contains more than just high end chocolates. In this collection you will find a variety of delicious and sweet treats. All of which are designed to dazzle the lover of sweets. Candy is not just for kids. Some of us have been supporting a sweet tooth since childhood. This gift basket is one of the guaranteed top 10 Christmas gifts. As one of the top selling Christmas gifts, it's an adult and kid favorite alike.

#3 Meats and Cheese Gift Baskets

When you take the best of both meats and cheeses you end up with a gift basket that can be turned into a meal. For years this combination basket has made several top ten Christmas gifts listings. They contain high quality choices that will keep a person pleased for weeks after Christmas has passed.

#2 Tea Gift Baskets

Over the years, tea has quickly grown in popularity. There are thousands of different flavors out there and each can be combined with a tasty treat. It is because of this, that many people are turning to these gift baskets to provide a high quality treat to the people they love. Top selling Christmas gifts are just as often those we drink as those we nosh.

#1 Chocolate Gift Baskets

If anything else were on top of the top ten Christmas gifts, you might find it hard to believe. Chocolate is the favorite sweet item for many people. From dazzling high end confections to fruits and nuts covered in this delicious treat, people will always love receiving these baskets.

The top ten Christmas gifts are some of the top selling Christmas gifts and foodie favorites. You can't miss if you pick one for the important ones on your gift list. These are the best of the best, but there are other choices, too, that are a close second to the top 10 Christmas gifts list given here. Explore! Gift baskets make great gifts and are a joy to send. What are your top ten Christmas gifts?

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